ELMO TRANSPORT has been developed to meet high requirements for safety and durability in
demanding environments in the air, on land and at sea. ELMO TRANSPORT is a technical leather with a
natural appearance and preserved comfort.

Elmotransport is available only in customer colors.

For further information regarding Elmotransport, please contact our customer service department on phone: +46 (0)32566 14 00.

Görs i dagsljus D 65, näraliggande CIE standardljus D 65.

Teknisk specifikation:
Egenskap Riktvärde Metod
Tjocklek1,2 – 1,4 mm
Torrgnidning2500 cycles/4ISO 105 – A03 ISO 11640
Våtgnidning250 cycles/4ISO 105 – A03 ISO 11640
Svett100 cycles/4ISO 105 – A03 ISO 11640
Abrasion (Taber)1000 cyclesCS-10, 500 G ISO 5470
Rivstyrka25 NDIN 533 29-A
Finishvidhäftning4 N/cmISO 11644
Draghållfasthet8 N/mm²DIN 533 29-A
Fogging80 % 6 h / 75°CISO/DIS 6452

Aircraft , certificate FAR 25.853(a)
Furniture, certificate E DIN 5510-2 S4
Furniture, certificate NF F 16-101 F3, M2
Furniture, certificate UIC 564-2 Class B